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Steve Whitworth

Thirty five years ago I began a journey into multi track recording and started with a basic 4 track recorder, a cheap microphone and a guitar amp which was used for multiple purposes, including guitars, bass and vocals. This was 1986 when drum machines were king and recording on cassettes was the only way a kid like me could start off. Having access to these tools was like heaven because I was able to record songs and start to learn the basics of both recording and writing my own music. This is a collection of some of that material I have recorded over the years.

Fortunate Soul

Fortunate Soul was a fun band to play in. It was also the longest band I played in after being in and out of bands for over twenty years.  We played a lot of gigs in the Ottawa area over a period of eight years.

We managed to put out a couple of albums while we were together. The first was an EP that Mike and I did on our own using programmed drum tracks and the second was a full length album with our drummer Cliff. All in all it was a pretty good run and I will always have fond memories of everything we accomplished.

Hard Wired

Hard Wired was a side project with a means to an end which was to bang out a couple of more albums in a short period of time. Mike and I really enjoyed working together and with a bunch more songs stacked up, we decided to release them on two albums. The first was an self titled EP and the second was a full length album. They were very unique recordings because they featured Steve’s son who stood in to lay down the drum tracks. You wouldn’t believe a 16 years old could be this good at that age but he nailed those tracks!

Ragged Faith

Ragged Faith, was a heart breaker. Great musicians but with no direction or desire to take the band anywhere. This band was like a very dysfunctional relationship, on again, off again and then back on again. We managed to squeak out one album over the ten plus years we played together in its various forms and incarnations. This album I call One for good reason.